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Courier insurance is what you need if you drive a van to carry other people’s goods or materials in return for payment.                (Hire and Reward).

Aldium can compare courier van insurance from the UKs leading insurers and protect you on the road. Whether you are working for Amazon, DPD, FedEx, Yodel or on your own we can help you find the right policy for the right price.

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Short Term Courier Insurance

What is goods in transit insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance often called GIT insurance covers business items whilst being moved from one place to another from theft, loss or damage.

This could include: Goods you have been hired to move, e.g., Courier driver working for Amazon moving and delivering customer parcels, Haulage Contractor or if you run a supply shop and stock is delivered to customers.

Goods in Transit insurance covers the item itself and can be arranged along with Public Liability Insurance which provides cover for any damage caused to Persons or Property whilst making deliveries adding additional protection to you or your business.

We can provide you with a Goods in Transit insurance quote to go alongside your Courier policy.


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How else can we help?

Aldium are independant insurance brokers with expertise in helping clients protect their businesses. Take a look below and see how else we can help you.


A monthly insurance policy for short term couriers

Courier Fleet Insurance

For those with multiple vans and drivers.

Goods in Transit

Cover for the goods you deliver whilst on the road

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