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Competitive Minibus Insurance 

Aldium are a specialist insurance broker with over 20 years expertise in the motor insurance industry.

When it comes to protecting your Minibus we work with the most competitive insurers to find you the best cover at the lowest price.

We’re particularly good at covering
• Nursing homes, care homes and residential homes
• Education, including schools, colleges and universities
• Charities, community transport, voluntary organisations and youth groups
• Places of worship and religious orders
• Amateur sports clubs
• Hotel/courtesy vehicles
• Commercial organisations (business use)

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Looking for something else?

We dont just specialise in minibus insurance, we can help you with other types of insurance. Take a look below

Care Insurance

Residential Homes, Supported Living, Domiciliary Care, Childrens homes and more.

Motorhome Insurance

For campervans, day vans or other motorhome type vehicles. We can cover you in the UK and trips to Europe.

Motor fleet insurance

If you have a fleet of minibuses or any other vehicle then our transportation team can assist you with cover.

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