Have you got your Pub Insurance sorted?

ALDIUM Insurance

With the government roadmap allowing some hospitality venues to reopen in a limited setting such as pubs, cafés and restaurants it is important to check that your cover is still correct.

During lockdown a lot of business owners adjusted their covers to a ‘skeleton’ level as there was no stock or customers.

Pub Insurance | ALDIUM Insurance | Hospitality Insurance

Now that things are reopening again it is vitally important to review your insurance cover to ensure that it not only covers what you needed before, but also what you may need moving forward.

There may need to be additional covers to cater for larger seating arrangements outdoors or changes to staff numbers to cope with the surge in customers celebrating your reopening.

Aldium are specialist brokers in Hospitality sector, comprising pubs, restaurants, B&Bs and more.

Pub Insurance | ALDIUM Insurance | Hospitality Insurance

Our expertise is recognised by a number of major Brewers, including Frederic Robinsons, J W Lees, Joseph Holts and Hydes who recommend our services to their tenants in the knowledge that they will be professionally advised and provided with quality cover at a competitive premium.

We are also the approved brokers of ALTA, the Association of Licensed Trade Accountants, who recommend Aldium to their clients for similar reasons and we thus work with the tenants of lots of different Brewers and Pub Companies

We have access to a wide range of Insurers which enables us to deal with both standard and non-standard clients, “non-standard” includes such as thatched premises, pubs with a high frequency of live entertainment, owners and directors with adverse financial history including insolvency and CCJs and the like.  Because we understand the market and fully explore our clients’ specific needs we’ll deliver a tailor made solution for you

Pub Insurance | ALDIUM Insurance | Hospitality Insurance

In summary, we will offer you a flexible solution to meet your insurance needs and we’ll give you the advice you need to ensure that those needs are properly catered for.  Arranging insurance cover for a business can sometimes be problematical but you can rest assured that Aldium will guide you through and will simplify the process to ensure that you are properly protected.  All at a cost that may pleasantly surprise you … we’ll be delighted to give you a no obligation Quote to see how we compare with other brokers, please call 0151 353 3878 or click HERE with your name, phone number, pub name and post code and we’ll call you back.

You can read more about the Reopening of Businesses & Venues by clicking here – Reopening businesses and venues in England – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)