What is an Any Driver policy?

Courier operators may have multiple drivers working for them, and may have new staff starting on a regular basis depending on what contracts are ongoing. One of the benefits of courier fleet insurance is you can specify a minimum driver age so you do not need to notify your Insurer every time a new driver…
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Can I insure vehicles other than Vans on my policy?

Yes, Aldium has experience in placing motorbikes, cars, vans, pickups and heavy goods vehicles on fleet policies. Whether you have a small van or a HGV we can find you the right policy.

Do I need any additional insurance?

Each courier will have different needs and we are happy to assist with them. The optional extras we can look to include in your courier package are:   Goods In Transit: An important product for any logistics business it can provide you cover for your clients goods while in transit.   Breakdown Insurance: As you…
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What is the difference between courier insurance and haulage insurance?

The main difference between a haulier and a courier is that your average courier driver will deliver goods to multiple drop-off locations for companies such as Amazon or DPD whereas a haulier will do one long journey to deliver goods to a one or a few locations.

What is Courier Insurance?

If you operate or work as part of a courier service such as for example Amazon, DPD, FedEx, Hermes, then you need to take out courier van insurance. This will cover your vehicle for business use and hire and reward. Insuring you against damages to your vehicle or a third party whilst you’re transporting goods.…
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How much does Courier insurance cost?

Courier Insurance is based on a number of different factors that calculate your premium. Things like your age, driving history and experience, claims and convictions and location or even how many miles you expect to drive all factor into the Insurers pricing. Where Aldium can help is we can search across our wide panel of…
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What’s the difference between a motorhome and a campervan?

There are some typical differences between a motorhome and a campervan. Motorhomes are usually: Larger, with extra space for storage Have more clearly defined areas for driving and living Often come with additional features, like over-cab space with space for a double bed. Campervans tend to be smaller inside with more basic facilities for cooking, washing and…
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How much is motorhome insurance?

The cost of insurance for any vehicle including motorhome depends on a number of things such as: Your age Your address No Claims Bonus Where your motorhome is kept (i.e Driveway or storage facility) Driving history, including claims or convictions The value of your motorhome How many drivers you want on your policy

What is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance is a form of motor cover that’s specific to motorhomes and campervans. This type of insurance can cover your vehicle, you and your passengers for damage, accidents and theft. Just like car insurance, motorhome insurance is a legal requirement.

Who can drive on a fleet policy?

Generally, any driver that your business employs can drive on your Fleet Insurance without you having to update your whole policy. It gives you the flexibility to keep your business moving with minimal hassle.