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As a pub owner in the United Kingdom, it is essential to have adequate insurance coverage. Pub insurance provides protection against financial losses due to unforeseen events that could potentially damage your business and property. Without proper coverage, you may be liable for costly repairs or replacements if something were to happen on your premises.

Pubs are often exposed to various risks such as theft of stock and equipment, fire damage or flooding from burst pipes; all of which can cause significant disruption and cost if not covered by an appropriate policy. It’s important that you understand what kind of cover is available so that you can make sure your business has the necessary protection should something go wrong at any point during its operation.

The most common type of pub insurance covers public liability – this protects against claims made by customers who suffer injury while visiting the establishment or third-party property damages caused by negligence on behalf of staff members working in the bar area/kitchen etc.. Employers’ liability cover also falls under this category; providing compensation for employees who become ill or injured due to their work environment (e.g., exposure to hazardous substances). Additionally, there are policies available which provide financial assistance with legal fees incurred when defending yourself against allegations made regarding health & safety regulations within a hospitality setting – these types usually include general legal advice too!

Other optional extras offered through some providers include product recall/contamination costs resulting from food poisoning incidents as well as glass breakage premiums – both being highly beneficial should they ever occur unexpectedly! Furthermore many insurers offer tailored packages specifically designed for pubs allowing them access additional benefits like cash flow support following major incidents where revenues would otherwise take time recover back up again afterwards (e .g., after floods)

In conclusion having sufficient pub insurance in place will help ensure peace-of mind knowing that whatever happens down at The Dog & Duck won’t ruin everything financially either way! That is why you should talk to us at Aldium and our specialists hospitality team. They have the expertise and knowledge having looked after pubs for over 20 years. We know where the pitfalls of pub insurance are and can help you protect you and your pub with the right cover at the right price.

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