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Monthly insurance with No Annual Commitment so you only pay for the months you need. This is ideal for short term courier drivers who may drive during seasons like Christmas or just wanted to earn some extra cash for a few months.

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Don’t want to pay for a years Insurance you dont need? Then choose talk to the FlexiCourier team about the Monthly Insurance Policy. It has no annual commitment so you only pay for the months insurance you need. If you want to keep it going then you just roll it over for another month.
At Aldium we understand that you may need to change vehicles from time to time if you are only doing short term work. The Monthly Courier Insurance Policy won’t charge you for changing your vehicle so you can keep your costs down.
We can provide quotes for drivers between 19-75 years old and EU Licences are Accepted. You can even add up to 3 additional drivers to the policy providing you with even more flexible


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FlexiCourier for DSPs

The hardest part of being a successful owner is engaging and leading a high-performing team in a rapidly evolving industry. Running a parcel delivery business takes strong leadership and hard work as you deliver thousands of parcels to satisfied customers every day. The need to scale to demand can be difficult for some DSPs and not without time and financial implications. FlexiCourier can help by providing you with cover for your drivers during temporary busier periods such as Christmas or Sale Events without touching your main fleet or its claims experience

FlexiCourier for couriers

If you are thinking about becoming a courier driver but don’t want to commit yourself to anything long term whilst you get started then FlexiCourier is perfect for you. By only paying for the months you need you have the flexability to stop and start cover for the months you know you’ll be working. If you are a part-time courier and only work during the busier periods for extra income then this also benefits you as you wont have to pay for an annual policy. Call the FlexiCourier team today to get a quotation

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